Earn Recurring 20% From Your Referrals

Join our influencer program and use your social media network to promote our platform. It is easy just to follow these easy steps.

  1. Create an influencer account (click HERE )
  2. Check your email to confirm the account.
  3. Log in and get an affiliate link.
  4. Create campaigns from your My Chat Bot account using your link and start earning 20% (recurring) of all your referrals.

Get Started

Earning example based on 100 referrals

PackagePrice (yearly)ReferralsYour recurring income (yearly)  
BasicR 850100R17000.00


R 1500100R 30000.00
All AccessR 3500100

R 70000.00

If you add a zero to the number of your referrals. It will add an extra zero to your income. You will earn your commission each year your referrals renew their membership. So the harder you work, the more you will earn.

Your Very Own Dashboard

To access your affiliate link, monitor your performance and manage your withdrawals.